Our goal is simple – to meet and exceed the expectations of all of our clients.

Managing a property comes with numerous responsibilities. Developers, landlords and leaseholders are often extremely busy with other projects and business commitments, leaving little or no time to manage their properties.

Whether your apartments are new or you are not satisfied with the current managing agent, Cornerstone will be happy to discuss the services with you. With our directors’ experience exceeding twenty years from smaller individual units to mixed tenure blocks on estates, we have learned how to understand, plan, implement and review all of the services we are appointed to manage. This guarantees the quality of our service, and helps us consistently meet (and exceed) your expectations.

Cornerstone take pride in providing a personal and professional service to our clients in all aspects of the property management. Our experienced, friendly and skilled team are at hand to discuss your requirements and provide clear advice to all of our residents and investors. We pride ourselves in offering high levels of expertise and quality of our service.

How we do this?

We achieve this through hard work and actively building the relationships with both clients and developers well in advance of being appointed. This approach ensures that each property is comprehensively assessed then serviced according to its individual needs and expectations.

We believe:

That by openly presenting which services are needed, then how and when these are provided demonstrates an in-depth understanding of property management and forms a seamless long-term partnership.

We know:

That despite every development being unique whether it be a new build, a well-established block, or a mixed tenure comprised of residential and commercial properties, Cornerstone will always hit the ground running – a quality that our clients now expect as standard.

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