Forming partnerships with developers has produced a significant number of the properties we manage. We become involved with new developments and regeneration of existing buildings anything up to 2 years prior to completion, assisting with preparation for the leaseholders’ occupation throughout this period.

Our involvement is greatly valued by developers from the early phases of their projects onwards as it helps to clarify what facilities and services will be required on completion. The majority of our time used to gather information, build the relationship and fully prepare for site management here is provided at no charge whatsoever.


  • A sensible and realistic service charge budget that can be included in the marketing pack, making your properties more saleable.
  • On-site services conducted by locally-based trustworthy contractors, all managed, monitored and evaluated to ensure standards of works, health and safety and value for money.

These help to form a smooth handover of your new estate to residents with day-to-day management in place and effective from day one onwards. Following project completion and sale of the leaseholds, you may want to sell the freehold itself. If this is the case we will be happy to assist and introduce you to our clients, a number of which are members of ALEP (Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners).

Once we are fully appointed, the services for each development are planned on a case-by-case basis and can be broken down into two main sections:

Accounts Management

Service Charge Budgeting

Service charge preparation and collections

Utilities arrangements and energy efficicency

Debt recovery

Company secretarial services

Operational Property Management

Property inspections

General site management and repairs

Review and treatment of mechanical and electrical plant

Emergency out-of-hours service

Assignment of reputable and efficient tradespeople

Health and safety plus fire risk assessments

These two sections make the management company’s roles and responsibilities crystal clear and define the quality of service required by the developer. Once you appoint Cornerstone, all necessary services are professionally planned, provided and managed for several years and beyond. To facilitate this process, we have developed a comprehensive "development checklist" which details the information we will need to consider.

Direct liaison with the solicitors is another standard role for us to conduct. This includes the supply of a sales pack, providing comprehensive information for all parties involved in the exchange of each apartment. Our knowledge of the sales approach greatly assists developers who do not have time to appoint the estate agents they normally use, or find locally-based companies more appropriate.

As the sale of the properties commences, we will also provide you with a Welcome Pack for your leaseholders and their tenants. This is specifically tailored for each property and its local area, informing the residents of our services, charges, facilities, house rules, how we can help, and so on.

Void service charges are not always budgeted for yet can form a substantial liability for developers. We can assist by increasing awareness of void service charges and if required offer advice on how to minimise them and maintain your profitability.

If you would like to discuss your requirements and how we can partner with you, please contact us and we can review the services required for your developments.

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